BCA Frequently Asked Questions

Bethel Christian Academy Frequently Asked Questions

BCA is a non-denominational Christian school and is not affiliated with any mainstream religious organization.

Although we do not require our families to attend church, we do feel that local church involvement is important.

We believe that the Bible is the basis for all truth and moral guidance; there are no substitutes for hard work and character.

We primarily use a combination of self-paced homeschool curriculum from ACE and instructor-led curriculum from Abeka. 

We strive offer the most affordable Christian education program in our area.  Feel free to contact us for specifics on tuition costs.

We employ a variety of security measures such as real-time video surveillance and access control to protect the well being of our students.

In addition to standard quizzes and exams, students participate in a variety of standardized testing such as Stanford and IOWA achievement tests.

Yes, we send home a quarterly report card, with progress reports being sent home at the middle of each quarter.

Although we do not offer financial aid, monthly payment plans are available.

Slight fluctuation is possible here, but the current student/teacher ratio is 6:1.


Allow us to answer additional questions and tentatively help you schedule a campus visit…